Med Students | Disability Options

Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS)

The CFMS was established in 1977 when student delegates recognized the need for the formation of a national organization representing medical schools across Canada. CFMS membership has grown to more than 7000 members.

As a member of the CFMS, you have access to an exclusive disability income protection plan through RBC. It is the only guaranteed, non cancellable private plan available to students without ever having to provide medical evidence. You will enjoy substantial premium reduction over regular rates and five months free coverage. This unique plan focuses on your current needs while providing flexibility for your future requirements. It also gives you ownership and control of your contract.

Provincial Medical Associations

As a member of one of the provincial medical associations you may have access to disability protection without evidence of health. While this type of coverage saves you money now, premiums increase over time. More importantly, association plans are owned and controlled by the association leaving insured members vulnerable to change or cancellation of the contract. In Ontario you can benefit from the OMA Student Plan since the plan differs from the regular plan available to residents and practicing doctors.

Life Insurance

As a member of OMA you have access to free life insurance! We want you to keep more money in your pocket and encourage that you take advantage of the free coverage. Life Insurance can help cover thousands of dollars in expenses like a line of credit debt, student tuition loans or credit card balances.