Manuela Tesi, RHU

“I‘m committed to representing my clients’ interests as though they were my own by educating and providing sound expert advice, so that my clients can make confident financial decisions. For me, the key to success is staying focused on the values that are most important and building on that foundation to achieve extraordinary results.”

Manuela Tesi has 20 years experience in the insurance industry. She has over a decade of experience with OMA Insurance specializing in disability contracts and provisions. She has helped thousands of medical students and doctors protect their financial future from unforeseen events. Manuela’s in-depth knowledge of association plans, private products and industry trends, enable her to design solutions that offer immediate and long-term benefits.

Manuela’s assurance for doing what is right for the client has always been her first priority. She respects her clients’ integrity and provides them with information they can use to help make decisions that improve their financial well being.

Manuela enjoys balance in her life. She loves spending time with her husband and two children, and passionate about her career.

You can contact Manuela at, or view our contact information.